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Projects Results

(a) A conceptual framework of non-formal STEM and Entrepreneurship activities for students:
A conceptual and pedagogical framework will be created for the development of non-formal STEM/Entrepreneurship activities for students and for teachers.

(b) STEM / Entrepreneurship learning toolkit of activities:
This toolkit will include 24 learning STEM/Entrepreneurship activities for students, in all partner languages (Norwegian, Greek, Slovenian, Dutch), including English. The activities will cover various topics related to STEM/Entrepreneurship.

(c) A training program toolkit for trainers:
A modular Training Program for educators and trainers will be created on how to use the STEM/Entrepreneurship learning toolkit for 6–12-years-old students from socially disadvantaged contexts.

(d) An interactive learning portal:

SENSEE main results will be available through the Interactive Learning Portal for teachers/educators. The Interactive Learning Portal will allow distance training of teachers through a list of different resources. Communication among interested teachers and other people within the platform will also be highly supported towards creating, maintaining, and sustaining over the end of the project a learning online community which will be based on the creation of groups of discussions, for sharing ideas and documents, and other material.


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