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Science and Technology Class

Welcome to the SENSEE Interactive Portal!

The SENSEE eLearning Portal on STEM/Entrepreneurship is especially designed for teachers and trainers who work closely with students, aged 6-12 years old from displaced populations (refugees, migrants, asylum seekers, minority groups) or students who live in remote or under-developed areas.


Embark on an Enriching Educational Journey: Step into the eLearning Portal and Immerse Yourself in a World of Knowledge!

The SENSEE eLearning Portal on STEM/Entrepreneurship consists of:

• The Conceptual Framework of non-formal STEM/Entrepreneurship activities for students

• The STEM/Entrepreneurship learning toolkit of activities for students

•The Modular Training Program Toolkit for trainers and educators

Discover the SENSEE eLearning Resources

SENSEE (STEM EntrepreNeurShip for Everyone and Everywhere) aims to provide learning opportunities to groups of primary school students (6-12 years old) that do not have easy or regular access to developing STEM and Entrepreneurial core competences and skills. 

All the educational resources aim to support and improve the work of teachers and trainers in delivering quality STEM/Entrepreneurship education in non-formal learning contexts to socially disadvantaged students, following an appropriate pedagogical framework.


The SENSEE eLearning Portal on STEM/Entrepreneurship is an open access, customized educational environment that offers the opportunity to teachers and trainers to have access to quality educational resources on STEM/Entrepreneurship Education. 


Join the Forum of the SENSEE Interactive Portal, a dynamic online chat room, where you can engage in lively discussions with your fellow teachers and trainers, share knowledge and expertise and build together a vibrant community!

Activity 8 - Matching Professions
Activity 23 - Make a zoetrope
Activity 22 - Make a helicopter
Activity 21 - Make a rampwalker
Activity 4 - Parachutes
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