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ArtCRelief Kick-off meeting

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Olia Tsivitanidou

19 Apr 2021

The covid-19 pandemic crisis has made Artists, Culture and Creative Professionals (ACCPs) unable to continue their activities, unless they have the possibility to follow different business models. In response to this, our recently funded Erasmus + project ‘Entrepreneurial Empowerment for artists, cultural and creative professionals’.

ArtCRelief aims to cultivate the entrepreneurial and business mindset of ACCPs in order to survive through these, utilising an attractive training material, that will be provided in the form of an e-learning and collaboration platform. 

The ArtCRelief Project has officially started with the kick-off meeting that took place virtually on the 16th of April 2021, under the coordination of Forward space MTÜ (Estonia) and with a duration of two years. 

The consortium partnership is comprised of seven organizations from Mediterranean, Balkan and Baltic countries with experience in adult education training programmes, business consultancy, the academic and cultural sectors, as well as organizations supporting digitalization and social innovation, and a research organisation active in the field of culture. #ArtCRelief

Consortium partners: 

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