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ArtCRelief 3rd Transnational Meeting

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6 Jul 2022

ArtCRelief 3rd Transnational Meeting

The 3rd Transnational Project Meeting (TPM) of our ‘Entrepreneurial Empowerment for artists, cultural and creative professionals’ (ArtCRelief) Erasmus+ Project took place last week on the 5th and 6th of July 2022, in Sofia, Bulgaria! The meeting was organized and hosted by the Union of Bulgarian artists (UBA) with great hospitality and social events, with the participation of all ArtCRelief project partners, Forwardspace (FWS) (coordinator), the University of Patras (UPatras), the Balkan Institute of Entrepreneurship (Balkien), Itinerari Paralleli (IP), the Ulis Impresa Sociale Societa Cooperativa (Ulis), and the GrantXpert Consulting Ltd (GX). 

The meeting marked the finalization of the second Intellectual Output (IO2: Learning material for the preparation of ACCPs for the new era after the pandemic crisis) and the initiation of the next steps towards the materialization of the final Intellectual Output (IO3: ACCPs e-learning and collaboration platform). Artists, culture, and creative professionals (ACCPs) will be soon invited to test the learning material and the platform, and benefit from the projects’ outputs.

The ArtCRelief project aims to cultivate the entrepreneurial and business mindset of artists, culture and creative professionals (ACCPs) in order to survive through these, utilising an attractive training material, that will be provided in the form of an e-learning and collaboration platform.

Consortium partners: 

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