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SENSEE Kickoff meeting, Amsterdam

17 Mar 2023

On the 10th & 11th of November 2022, NEMO hosted the ‘SENSEE - STEM EntrepreNeurShip for Everyone and Everywhere’ kickoff meeting at its premises in Amsterdam.

The meeting was attended either in person or online by representatives from all partners: NEMO | The Netherlands, Kattem Skole | Norway, EUC | Cyprus , UHE | Slovenia, NTNU | Norway, GX | Cyprus.

During the meeting, the consortium set the key milestones of the project, determined the management and communication methods between the partners, analysed the project’s deliverables and the dissemination strategy and set the next steps for the project implementation.

Specifically, during the first day, the consortium partners analysed the second work package and established the action plans, guidelines and templates for the development of the conceptual framework of non-formal STEM and entrepreneurship activities and the preparation of the focus groups. The consortium dedicated time on the overview of the work package 3 (Development of STEM/entrepreneurship learning toolkit of activities) and work package 4 (Development of a training program toolkit for trainers and educators) analysing their objectives and tasks. After the first day, the partners had the chance to have a tour at NEMO and enjoy a walk in Amsterdam. NEMO had arranged a delightful dinner to round off the day.

On the second day, the meeting focused on the management and coordination activities of the project, including the reporting methods, the operational and administrative plan, the quality assurance plan and the financial management. The last part of the meeting was dedicated on the communication and dissemination activities.

SENSEE results

  • A conceptual framework of non-formal STEM and entrepreneurship activities for students

  • A STEM/Entrepreneurship learning toolkit of activities

  • A training programme toolkit for trainers and educators

  • An interactive learning portal for STEM/Entrepreneurship for teachers

  • Project Progress

From the kickoff meeting up to now all partners are working on the development of the project’s deliverables. Specifically, the consortium has already completed the desk research and conducted the focus groups, which aimed at mapping the theoretical foundation and practical needs for the development of the pedagogical framework on STEM and Entrepreneurship Education.

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