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2nd SENSEE pilot test at Agros Village Primary School, Cyprus

9 Oct 2023

On the 30th of September 2023, the European University Cyprus organized the 2nd SENSEE pilot test at Agros Village Primary School. They participated almost 25 primary school students with their families in 2 non-formal STEM and Entrepreneurship learning activities.

The activities focused on:

  • Problem-based learning.

  • Critical thinking

  • Collaborative learning

  • Reflective practice

  • Challenging learning

The 2-non formal learning activities implemented:

  •  Paper airplane: Participants design, build, and test paper airplanes to learn about aerodynamics and physics, applying STEM concepts in a hands-on activity.

  •  Stations: wooden skewers tower, plastic/recycled cups tower, and catapult. All activities fostered children's and their family's creativity, imagination, and collaborative skills. The element of challenge increased the participants’ interest significantly.

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