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Modular Training Program Toolkit for Trainers & Educators
Total Activities: 17
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The Modular Training Program Toolkit is designed for teachers, educators, trainers and out-of-school activity professionals, consisting of suitable guidelines on how to use the STEM and Entrepreneurship Learning Toolkit with students from socially disadvantaged contexts.

The program consists of a series of 18 activities, for facilitating the implementation of the STEM & Entrepreneurship Learning Toolkit of activities with students, aged 6-12 years old in non-formal educational settings, at school, home, local communities, afternoon clubs or science centres/museums.

The Modular Training Programme aims to help teachers, educators & trainers to:

  • understand the main principles of the SENSEE Conceptual Framework;

  • understand the learning needs and traits of the 6-12-years-old socially disadvantaged students;

  • understand the various types of the STEM & Entrepreneurship learning activities.

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